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Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

We can help you fill positions in Tokyo or overseas with staff who can handle English or multiple other languages.
We at Franchir pride ourselves in our ability to introduce linguistically-skilled staff for your business We have filled the staffing needs for many customers who focus on international business, including international aid foundations, major engineering firms, and globally-active construction contractors. We can help you fill positions in Tokyo or overseas with staff who can handle English or multiple other languages in secretarial and clerical staff positions in addition to translation and interpreting positions.

Looking for someone with a particular language ability and who knows international aid?
Or a secretary to handle the filing and scheduling for a customer visiting from overseas?
Or have you just set up your Japan offices and need an interpreter or someone to help with administrative tasks?
We service this and more?just voice your requirements to one of our coordinators.

We also encourage anyone looking to make a social contribution with their own language skills or to work overseas to register their name with Franchir. Our coordinators consult with both clients and prospective staff to hear their goals in detail so that we can find the perfect match for them.

Multi-lingual Job Applicants

In addition to translation and interpreting positions, we also help linguists find jobs ranging from clerical work in French and English to general secretarial work.
At Franchir, we field requests from various clients concerning everything from translation and interpreting positions, clerical work in French and English to general secretarial work and more. Our clients' demands for linguistic skills also run the gamut, from basic conversational level all the way to interpretation-ready. Some jobs are entry-level; others require overseas work experience. If you are interested, please contact us for a free consultation.

Sample Dispatched Positions:
  • Document creation, tendering, and liaising for international aid projects (English/French)
  • Secretary for British citizen in Japan on a plant design visit (English)
  • Quality control work for construction of a German power plant (English)
  • Quality control work for construction of a German power plant (English)
  • Accounting staff for a highway construction project in Algeria (French)

We also have requests for temp-to-perm positions and encourage those interested in company employee and contractor positions to register with us.
Please note that Franchir is Privacy Mark certified and takes the privacy of your personal information seriously.

* Depending on your job criteria, be aware that Franchir cannot guarantee that we will find you a position.

Corporate Staffing Services for Companies

Franchir's staff is full of experienced workers, and many are former exchange students who speak English, French, Russian, Spanish, and other languages. The requirements for corporate staffing services also vary, including both short-term assignments of two months or less, temp-to-perm assignments, and more.

If you're recruiting, the first step is to summarize your position requirements for one of our coordinators. At this point, vague information is fine: maybe you need someone with English proficiency to go on international business trips, or someone who can handle clerical work and the occasional meeting interpretation. Once the Franchir coordinator has listened to your needs, we will clarify your other conditions, such as budget and duration. We will listen to each and every one of your needs and attempt to look at things from your perspective to build a staffing service package that works for you.

Franchir can introduce temp workers, offer full job placement services, or fill temp-to-perm positions. In consultation, please indicate whether the position will be for a short-term project, a longer-term endeavor, or whether you need a work-ready full-time company employee. For those with a wait-and-see approach looking to eventually hire a contractor, we recommend temp-to-perm arrangements.

Temporary Staffing Services

We dispatch one of our registered linguists to your company. For our first-time corporate clients, we will first enter into either a master or individual worker dispatching agreement upon your initial dispatch request.
Franchir will then sign into a worker dispatch agreement with the individual and, depending on the contract period, apply for unemployment insurance and other required social insurances. In this arrangement, Franchir will also be the one paying the dispatched worker's salary.
Sample request: Secretary for a foreign national on assignment in Japan for several months.

Staff Placement Services (Fee-Based Job Placement)

We introduce you to individuals looking for direct employment as a prospective company hire or contractor. Franchir will bill you an introduction fee in such cases. We recommend this option for clients looking to hire an employee for long-term work.
Sample request: Hiring a linguist as in-house staff.

Temp-to-Perm Hiring

In addition to introducing you to one of our registered linguists, Franchir also offers staffing services in which you first accept a dispatched individual for a set period, then convert the individual to a company hire or direct contractor if you and the individual both wish to continue working together. Individuals can be dispatched for up to six months. Franchir will bill an introduction fee as a placement service after the conversion.
Sample request: An individual works in your offices for a few months as temporary staff, and then the client wants to hire the individual permanently.

Staffing Service Request Procedure

First, please tell us your staff requirements. (Duration (for temporary positions), starting date, location, expected skills needed, etc.)
A Franchir coordinator will propose the package that best fits your needs.
Staff Selection
Franchir selects the staff that most closely fits the request from among our registered linguists.
Contract Signing
Dispatching agreements are signed according to the staffing arrangement selected.
Employment Commences
Franchir supports you in a smooth transition, offering the individual any required education before starting work.
Please feel free to make an inquiry.
Apply as a (Freelance) Interpreter/Translator.
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