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Interpreter Dispatching Services

Interpreter Dispatching Services

When it comes to either domestic or international business trips, we understand that smooth and accurate communication is essential to improve work efficiency. By making full use of our independent network, we select suitable interpreters and dispatch them to any given place or situation requested by our clients, thus offering superior interpretation services for a number of language pairs in a wide range of fields.

Services we provide

Overseas interpretation services

Whether you are going on a business trips to Europe, visiting factories in the United States, or conducting market research in Morocco, please feel free to inquire with us about a local interpreter.
Our local interpreters can assist in situations when time is short and communication needs have to be urgently met. In addition, although flight, accommodation and other travel expenses will be incurred, Franchir can also dispatch interpreters living in Japan who will accompany our clients as they travel abroad on business. For a long term business trip or investigation abroad, we recommend clients to confer with interpreters in Japan prior to the departure.

Interpretation services in Japan

Our interpreters specialize in a number of languages such as English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic, and can offer their services in a variety of situations including business meetings with foreign clients, business negotiations, factory visits, tourism, tender ceremonies, and training.
Franchir's interpretation network stretches Japan-wide so once we have received details on the location, language pairs and content of the requested interpretation, our coordinators will select the most appropriate interpreter for each client and situation.

International interpretation services

Franchir also dispatches long-term overseas bilingual project administrators to for on-site work on-site forat factory construction sites, during road works, harbor construction, and building construction etc. While many long-term overseas projects last for one year or more, staff can be also be stationed for shorter periods of two to three months. To ensure better management of such projects, our staff help bridge the gap between on-site Japanese staff and their local counterparts.

International Cooperation

Franchir is especially proficient in translation and interpretation services in the field of international cooperation. We have dispatched French or Portuguese interpreters to French and Portuguese speaking regions in Africa, Russian interpreters to Russian speaking regions of central Asia, and Spanish and Portuguese interpreters to Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions of Central and South America.

Guide-interpreter(Inbound tourists)

Our guide-interpreters will accompany you to your desired destination and provide you with information on the culture, region and/or history of the place upon request. Our guide-interpreters can also help you with foreign language exchanges during shopping trips for example.

Remote Interpretation

We can provide interpreting services on such video/Web conferencing platforms as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx etc.
There is no need for interpreters to travel or stay in a hotel, so as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, this can be a great easy-to-use option at a lower cost.
This service is also available in all languages so please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Languages we provide services for

English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Serbian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Turkish, Korean, Chinese, Burmese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Mongolian, etc.
<Interpreting services in Japan>
· Wedding ceremony at the French embassy (French)
· Philippine Broadcasting Conference Interpretation (English)
· Coal Investment Promotion Seminar (English)
· Banking Supervision Seminar (English)
· Computer related conference (English)
· Interview on electronic equipment ( English)
· Insurance Supervisor Seminar (English)
· Seminar on turbine installation for expansion of thermal power plant capacity (English)
· Meeting with customers (English, Russian)
· Product test and pressure resistance test before shipment (Russian)
· Invitation of Mozambique port company officials (Portuguese)
· Accompanying Deputy Minister of Vietnamese Ministry of Transport (Vietnamese)
· Iraq Refinery Training (Arabic)
· Energy Saving Training (Spanish)

<Interpreting Services Abroad>
· Seattle waterworks facility inspection
· Exhibition in Las Vegas
· Nuclear Energy Conference

· Business negotiations on mold presses (UK)
· Meeting on electric measuring instruments (UK)
· Audit meeting (UK, Spain)
· Interpretation at printing exhibition (UK)
· Research survey on athlete development (UK)
· Consultation at the University of London (UK)
· International conferences, negotiations (Netherlands, Germany, France)
· Medical conference (Sweden)
· Installation and adjustment of mechanical equipment at a factory (Germany)
· Data mining system software training (France)
· Interview on nuclear waste disposal (France)
· Survey on performance requirements of road accessories (France)
· Automobile Factory (France)
· Teleconference (UK)

· Consulting meeting related to introduction of high-speed ferries (Australia)
· Food related inspection (New Zealand)

· Boiler-related training (Morocco)
· Food marketing (Morocco)
· Visit to resource-related organizations (Mozambique)

<Russia / Central Asia>
· Freezer operation testing (Russia)
· Conference at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia)
· Sports competition interview (Uzbekistan)
· Visit to a local cafe (Russia)

· International conference
· Asian Pacific Health Human Resource Action Alliance

Interpreter Dispatching Services for international cooperation projects
<North Africa>
· Television Broadcasting Center Project (Tunisia, French)
· Security Assistance Improvement Equipment Development Plan (Morocco & Tunisia, French)
· Railway Transit Capacity Enhancement Project (IV) (Morocco, French)
· Shellfish culture research center construction plan (Morocco, French)
· Cultural grant aid (Tunisia, French)

<West Africa>
· Eastern Corridor Bridge Project (Ghana, English)
· Hospital development plan (Benin, French)
· National Forest Resource Inventory System (Gabon, French)
· Improvement plan of intersection (Cote d'Ivoire, French)
· Junior High School Construction Plan (Burkina Faso, French)
· Market-Oriented Agricultural Product Promotion Master Plan Survey (Burkina Faso, French)
· National Vocational Training School Development Plan (Democratic Republic of the Congo, French)
· Bridge construction plan (Togo, French)
· Junior high school construction plan (Senegal, French)
· Primary teacher training school construction plan (Burkina Faso, French)
· Construction Project of Conakry City Primary School (Guinea, French)
· Fishing port extension development plan (Mauritania, French)
· National Highway Bridge Rehabilitation Project (Guinea, French)

<East Africa>
· Patrol boat construction plan (Djibouti, French)
· Geothermal development Survey (Djibouti, French)
· Power supply improvement plan (Djibouti, French)
· Coast guard survey (Djibouti, French)
· Firefighting Emergency Equipment Improvement Plan (Djibouti, French)

<South Africa>
· Forest Resource Information Platform Improvement Project (Mozambique, Portuguese)
· Project for Construction of Health Professional Training School (Mozambique, Portuguese)
· Survey on training for health care workers (Mozambique, Portuguese)
· Port emergency rehabilitation plan (Mozambique, Portuguese)

<Latin America>
· Bridge rehabilitation plan (Haiti, French)
· Central and prefectural elementary and junior high school construction projects (Haiti, French)
· Provincial Hospital Development Plan (Haiti, French)
· National Forest Management Project (Peru, Spanish)
· Road development plan (Bolivia, Spanish)
· Bridge rehabilitation plan (Honduras, Spanish)
· Energy conservation promotion survey for Central America and the Caribbean (Spanish)

<Central Asia, the former Soviet Union>
· Follow-up Study on the Project for Improvement of Medical Equipment for Children's Hospitals (Ukraine, Russian)
· Project for Rehabilitation of Drinking Water Supply Systems in Pyanj District, Khatlon Region (Tajikistan, Russian)
· Project for Improvement of Equipment of Navoi Regional Multidisciplinary Medical Center (Uzbekistan, Russian)
· Project For Improvement Of Dushanbe Internatinal Airport (Tajikistan, Russian)
· Improvement of Medical Equipment and Facilities for Maternal and Child Health Care (Uzbekistan, Russian)
· Project for Improvement of Equipment of the Manas International Airport (Kyrgyz, Russian)
· Field survey assistant (Tajikistan, Russian)

· Survey on strengthening of Road Construction Center (Yemen, Arabic)
· Equipment development plan for securing food safety (Vietnam, Vietnamese)

Overseas long-term dispatch
· East-West Expressway Construction (Algeria, French interpreter, administration staff, IT engineer and Accounting officer)
· Street repair and renovation plan (Democratic Republic of the Congo, French interpreter and administration staff)
· Elementary School construction plan, construction supervision (Guinea-Bissau, Construction supervision staff)
· International bridge and facilitation of border procedure facilitation facility (Rwanda, English administration staff)
· Power Station Civil Work (Papua New Guinea, English administration staff)
· Regional health system development plan (Myanmar, English administration staff)
· Road Improvement Project Construction (Tanzania, English administration staff)
· Repair plan of National Highway (Ghana, English administration staff)
· Peace Building supervision work (Haiti, French)
· Community development assistance (Benin, French)
Africa Morocco, Senegal, Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Cameroon, Benin, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Mozambique, etc.
Europe UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Bosnia, etc.
Central Asia Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc.
Oceania Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Asia Mongolia, Myanmar, China, Bangladesh, Turkey, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, etc.
Middle East Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Iraq
North, Central and South America United States, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay, Haiti, etc.
The daily base rates for interpretation of English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese to Japanese are listed below (*1). For a detailed quote, please contact us with information concerning your request.
S class: Starting at ¥100,000 / day (simultaneous interpretation)
A class: Starting at ¥70,000 / day (consecutive interpreter with about 10 years' experience)
B class: Starting at ¥50,000 / day (consecutive interpreter with about 5 years' experience)
C class: Starting at ¥30,000 / day (attendance, guide)
(VAT not included)
♦Work Structure
Three to four staff are required for full-day simultaneous-interpretation assignments. Two interpreters are required for half-day simultaneous-interpretation assignments.

♦Working Hours and Overtime Rates
Working hours start from the time the interpreter meets with the client and finish when the work ends.
Full-day interpretation assignments are restricted to 8 hours total including a 1-hour break. Time in excess of 8 hours will be charged an extra 25% of the hourly rate.
Half-day interpretation assignments (3 hours or less) are charged at 60% of the daily rate.
There will be an additional charge of 25% of the hourly rate for interpretation assignments conducted in the late evening or very early morning. (22:00 to 5:00)
The above information is with regards to assignments conducted in Japan. Please be advised that conditions are subject to change for interpretation assignments conducted overseas.

♦Travel Time Allowance
Interpretation assignments in areas that exceed the distance of 50km from Tokyo will be subject to an additional travel time allowance charge of 50% of the hourly rate.
Should interpreters need to arrive at a venue 1 day before the assignment begins, an overnight lodging expense will be charged at 50% of the daily rate.
Interpretation assignments in areas that exceed the distance of 50km from Tokyo will also be subject to a daily allowance of 5,000 yen/day, and travel and lodging expenses (actual price).
The following information is with regards to assignments conducted in Japan. Please be advised that conditions are subject to change for interpretation assignments conducted overseas.

♦Cancellation Policy
The following charges will apply should interpretation assignments be canceled or rescheduled. See below for details:
6 business days before the scheduled start date 0% of the total quoted fee
4-5 business days before the scheduled start date 30% of the total quoted fee
2-3 business days before the scheduled start date 50% of the total quoted fee
1 business day or less before the scheduled start date 100% of the total quoted fee
*Cancellation notices can only be received and processed during our opening hours, weekdays between 09:30-17:30.
*The above information concerns assignments conducted in Japan. Please be advised that conditions are subject to change for interpretation assignments conducted overseas.

(*1) For all inquiries regarding the interpretation of languages other than those cited above (Arabic, Vietnamese, Laos, Uzbekistan, German, Turkish, Myanmar, Ukrainian, Korean, Chinese, etc.), please contact us at
(*2) For interpretation assignments overseas, additional charges for lodging, daily allowance, travel expenses, airfare, insurance and visa application fee, etc., will be incurred.
(*3) We urge all clients to prepare any available reference materials in advance. Prior knowledge of the content will help our interpreters deliver a better-quality service.
(*4) The above information is with regards to assignments conducted in Japan. Please be advised that conditions are subject to change for interpretation assignments conducted overseas.
Inform us of the language pair, date, location and the content
We ask that our clients inform us of the language pair, date, location and the content to be interpreted along with the desired skill level of the interpreter, the number of interpreters required and the kind of interpretation required (simultaneous or consecutive interpretation (*1), whether interpretation equipment (*2) will be used or not etc.). If the schedule is yet to be confirmed, please give us a rough idea of the content of the interpretation and we will be able to provide you with a price estimation and the information of an available interpreter.
We will quote the exact price.
Once the schedule has been determined, we will quote the exact price. (If a client is using our services for the first time, we ask that payment be made upfront).
Taking into consideration the client's needs and circumstances, our coordinators will select an appropriate interpreter (or depending on the circumstances, multiple interpreters) and provide a quotation. Upon ordering interpretation services with us, please let us know if a meeting is required in advance. We will also confirm whether or not there are any reference materials prior to the start of work.(*3)
The commencement of work.
The interpreter will rendezvous at a prearranged place and time and begin work.
We ask for the client's assessment of our services.
After the work is complete, we ask for the client's assessment of our services. We also confirm if there was any additional work time, and send out an invoice.


*1 Simultaneous interpretation is interpretation carried out at almost the same time as the speaker. As the interpreter will be speaking and listening at the same time, an interpreting device is required.
Consecutive interpretation is where the interpreter is close to the speaker taking notes and the speaker pauses to allow the interpreter to interpret. The speaker and the interpreter take turns to speak.
*2 Interpretation Equipment: Equipment usually consists of a microphone and receivers. Receivers will be required for all participants of the meeting. We can also arrange the rental of interpretation equipment so please feel free to enquire about this service.
*3 Interpretation reference materials: Regardless of the experience of the interpreter, prior knowledge of the content will help our interpreters deliver a better-quality service. We urge all clients to prepare any available reference materials (speech scripts, presentation materials etc.) in advance.
Please feel free to make an inquiry.
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